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Wire Rope Rigging Rust
May 04, 2017

Wire rope rigs are processed with wire rope as raw material, mainly used for lifting, pulling, tensioning and tensioning rope sling is called a rope. Light steel wire rope with high strength, weight, smooth, easy to suddenly complete and broken characteristics, widely used in steel, chemical, transportation and port industries. The use of wire rope varieties are phosphate coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire rope and smooth wire rope.

In the workplace, such as galvanized steel wire rope wet or outdoor environment using wire rope can be used as raw material to improve the anti-rust performance.

The wear of the wire rope sling steel is largely due to the bypassing of the hook and the repeated bending of the crane caused by the metal fatigue being gradually broken, except that the hook or pause with the wire rope diameter ratio is an important factor in determining the rope life of the wire rope.

Wire rope wear and corrosion of the surface layer or within each screw broken wire number exceeds the specified value should be abolished.

The wire rope is mainly used for lifting, pulling and other high-strength lines that need to be transported, and it is forbidden to use in the process of lifting or under the object.

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