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Lunar New Year Lantern Festival Fifteen
Mar 02, 2018

Lunar New Year Lantern Festival fifteen

Also known as "Shangyuan Festival" or Lantern Festival

It is the first important festival after the Spring Festival

The lunar January is the first month

The ancients called the night as "night"

and so

Take the first full moon night of the year

The first lunar month is called the Lantern Festival


Lantern Festival

Settling on the Chinese desire to reunite and be happy


The whole family eat dumplings together

"Dumpling" and "reunion" similar pronunciation

A symbol of roundness, live in harmony

Lantern night

Lamps and lanterns on the streets

People enjoy lights, guess riddles, eat lanterns

Celebrations that will continue from New Year's Eve

To another climax

Become the customs of generations

For thousands of years

Whether sweet or missing

Or worry

Every one about love

Family mood

It becomes tonight

So beautiful and moving

Tonight, people willing to reunite two months

Tonight, may be lovers get married

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