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What is a flat lifting belt?
May 04, 2017

1, do not use damaged sling

2, in the hoisting, do not twist, twisted rope

3, do not let sling knot

4, to avoid tearing the joint parts or overload work

5, when moving sling, do not drag it

6, to avoid the seizure or shock load

7, each sling must be checked before every use

8, polyester has resistance to inorganic acid function, but vulnerable to organic acid damage

9, polypropylene is suitable for the most resistant to chemical use of the place

10, nylon has resistance to inorganic acid, susceptible to organic acid damage

11, nylon in the damp, the strong loss of up to 15%

12, if the sling is in the chemical pollution may be used or at high temperatures, you should seek advice from suppliers.

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