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The installation points of the stainless steel thimbles and the pipe joint in the form of a ferrule
May 14, 2018

1. The tube that needs to be cleaned with an acidic solution should first be cleaned with an acidic solution.

2. According to the length required during actual use, cutting the pipe using a sawing machine or a professional pipe cutting machine, etc., is not allowed to use the solution or grinding wheel to cut off, remove the burrs, metal debris and stains on the inside and outside circumference of the pipe end Etc., remove the anti-rust additives and stains of the pipe joints in the form of ferrules, while ensuring the roundness of the stainless steel sleeve.

3. Put the nut and ferrule into the tube one by one. The cutting edge at the front end of the ferrule should be at least 3mm away from the opening of the tube. Then insert the hole inside the connector into the conical hole of the connector until the insertion fails. .

4. Slowly tighten the ferrule nut and rotate the rotor until the tube does not move. Tighten the nut 2/3 to 4/3 turns.

5. Check if the card sleeve has been inserted into the tube and the position is not correct. The card sleeve does not allow axial direction transfer and can be rotated slightly.

6. After checking the requirements, turn the tightening nut again.

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