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Stainless Steel Thimbles and Heat-Resistant Steel Pipe Heat Disposal Operation Method
Jun 01, 2018


1. Before the heat treatment, workpieces and fixtures should remove foreign matter such as oil, residual salt, and paint.

2. The jigs used in the vacuum furnace for the first time shall be discontinued after the degassing treatment at a vacuum not lower than the workpiece's request.

Furnace installation:

1. During the heat treatment process, the deformable workpiece should be intermittently heated on the common fixture.

2. The workpiece should be placed in an invalid heating zone

Warm up:

1. For workpieces with disordered shape or sharp changes in cross-section and large ineffective thickness, it should be intermittently warmed up

2. Preheating methods include: a preheating of 800?C, a secondary preheating of 500?550?C and 850?C, a preheating temperature and speed should be constrained


1. Workpieces, castings, and weldments that have notched holes, as well as formed stainless steel workpieces, are generally not suitable for heating in salt bath furnaces.

2. Workpiece heating should meet the holding time, according to the workpiece invalid thickness and condition thickness (Theoretical thickness multiplied by the workpiece form factor) refer to Table 5-16 and Table 5-17 intermittent calculation

cool down:

1. When the martensitic stainless steel heat-resistant steel is air-cooled, it should be dispersed in a monotonous place

2. Martensitic stainless steel and heat-resistant steel can be intermittently cleaned, cryogenic treated or tempered after quenching to room temperature

3. After quenching the workpiece should be tempered in time, the time interval should not generally exceed 4h, the workpiece used steel carbon content (carbon mass fraction) is low, the workpiece shape messy, should not exceed 16h

4. The welding assembly consisting of martensitic stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, the time interval between welding and heat treatment thereafter should not exceed 4h

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