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Safety inspection and scrapping standards for hooks
May 04, 2017

1, man-driven hoisting mechanism with the hook to 1.5 times the rated load as a test load to test.

2, power-driven hoisting mechanism with the hook, with 2 times the rated load as a test load to test.

3, hook unloading test load, there should be no obvious defects and deformation, the increase in the opening degree should not exceed 0.25% of the original size.

4, check the qualified hook, hook should be printed in the low stress area, including the rated weight, factory logo or factory name, inspection signs, production numbers and so on.

Hook the scrapped standard

Hooks should be scrapped when one of the following conditions occurs:


② dangerous section wear up to 10% of the original size;

③ opening than the original size increased by 15%;

④ hook body torsion deformation of more than 10 °;

⑤ hook dangerous section or hook neck plastic deformation;

⑥ hook thread is corroded;

⑦ sheet hook bushing wear 50% of the original size, the replacement of the bushing;

⑧ sheet hook mandrel wear up to 5% of the original size, should replace the mandrel.

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