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Precautions when using stainless steel shackles
May 10, 2018

First, the scope of use

Stainless steel shackles are widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railways, chemicals, ports, mines, construction and other industries, and are gradually replacing stainless steel because of its strong corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and decorative properties. Traditional carbon steel shackles.

Second, the general requirements

1, stainless steel shackles should be smooth and flat, does not allow cracks, sharp edges, burns and other defects.

2. It is forbidden to use cast stainless steel shackles. The body of the buckle can be forged by steel, and the pin can be forged after machining.

3. Do not drill or weld repairs on stainless steel shackles. After the buckle body and the pin are permanently deformed, no repairs are allowed.

4, when used, should check the buckle body and bolt, not serious wear, deformation and fatigue cracks.

5, when used, the lateral spacing must not be pulled, the pin must be inserted into the pin.

6. After the shaft pin is correctly assembled, the width of the buckle body must not be significantly reduced, and the thread connection is good.

7. The use of stainless steel shackles must not exceed the specified safety load.

Third, scrap standards

1, there is a clear permanent deformation or the shaft pin can not turn freely.

2. The cross-sectional wear of the buckle body and the shaft pin is more than 10% of the original size.

3, stainless steel shackle any cracks.

4, stainless steel shackles can not be locked.

5, stainless steel shackle failed after the test.

Fourth, material and use

The current use of stainless steel shackles is expanding, changing the history of ordinary carbon steel in the past. When stainless steel shackles are used, they must strictly observe the rated load, and excessive use and overloading are not allowed.

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