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Is your shackle up to the scrapped standard?
Jan 19, 2018

Shackle, which is a kind of rigging, is widely used, especially in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railway, chemical industry, ports, mining, construction and other industries. General shackle the volume is small, but its carrying weight. The following, from several major aspects to specific about the shackle this rigging.


Shackle can be divided into commercial type shackle, US Type shackle, JIS Type shackle, DIN shackle, European shackle, and BS shackle, the US Type is the most commonly used standard.

2 safety factor

Shackle safety factor of 4 times and 6 times.

3 material

Shackle material is carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

General requirements

(1) shackle surface should be smooth, no cracks, sharp edges, over burning and other quality defects.

(2) buckle body should be used when manufacturing the selected steel, cast iron or cast steel can not be used,

(3) Shackle can not be drilled and repaired Welding, buckle body and shaft pin can not be repaired if permanent deformation occurs.

(4) buckle body and the pin should be checked before use, can not appear serious wear, deformation or fatigue crack, if not then use.

(5) Shackles should be strictly observed when using the rated load, can not be used too frequently or overload; and its horizontal spacing can not be pulled, should be inserted insurance pin.

(6) After the shaft pin is assembled, there should be no wideness in the buckle body and the thread should be connected well.

5. Inspection

(1) You can use a magnifying glass to review the shackle, check for defects.

(2) The test should be double the safety load as the test load, shackle for sampling reliability test.

(3) The pin can not have permanent deformation, loose rotation can be freely rotated; shackle fracture can not occur, or affect the bearing capacity of the deformation.

(4) The buckle should indicate the strength level and safety load and other marks.

6. Scrap standards

(1) Obvious permanent deformation, or pin rotation is not flexible.

(2) The buckling body and the shaft pin wear any one section of the original size of more than 10%.

(3) shackle cracks, or can not be blocked, or the test results failed.

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