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How to use chain rigging during construction
Mar 01, 2018

Chain rigging is a kind of hardware rigging which is used more frequently in lifting engineering. It has important significance for lifting engineering and its safety also determines the safety of lifting engineering. Therefore, it is very important to use chain rigging correctly.

1. For major lifting and hoisting projects, it is necessary to formulate construction plans and safety measures, and the construction should be carried out after the completion of the inspection.

2, the lifting capacity of lifting machinery to achieve the rated load, lifting more than two lifting the same object crane, lifting precision, not easy to lift the large, large-scale hoisting in complex places, crane work in the vicinity of or near the high voltage transmission lines, Must handle safety construction work permit.

3, lifting machinery should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment, operating room should be laid insulation pads, non-combustible accumulation.

4, cranes and other overhead cranes, there should be reliable lightning protection device.

5, Crane work should have a unified command and signal, the command should be used flags and whistles, should not be used alone walkie-talkie command contact. Commanding officers should be experienced cranes.

6, Crane chain rigging Before starting and lifting each action, the driver should signal that no staff should leave the work area. When lifting heavy objects, no one may stand on the weight or jib being lifted.

These methods of use is the chain rigging in the lifting project must pay attention to the issue, to ensure the safety of metal rigging in order to improve the safety of the construction process.

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