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How to extend the life of the lifting belt
May 04, 2017

1, each with a lifting belt in the use of carefully carefully checked before use.

2, an important factor affecting the strength of the lifting belt is the surface of the lifting belt wear and tear, so when the lifting surface with the wear and tear, will make the lifting belt to speed up the damage.

3, lifting the belt in use should consider the impact of the way on the amount of lifting.

4, without protection of the bolt tied way may not be concentrated use.

5, the transfer process should keep the load the same, if you need a few lifting belt at the same time, try to make the load evenly distributed in each lifting belt.

6, sling dirty or in the acid-base environment after use, should immediately rinse with water.

7, lifting belt should be in the dark and no ultraviolet radiation under the conditions of storage. Do not place the lifting belt near an open flame or other heat source.

8, the use of lifting belt for lifting, the surface of the object should be smooth without any sharp edges, size and administration should not tear the suture, (can not make the load with heavy load) in the mobile lifting belt and cargo can be dragged, Do not make the lifting belt knot, bearer, shall not make the lifting belt with a screw, do not allow hoisting hanging with hanging material is too long and so on.

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