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How to count the loading of the eye bolt and nut?
Feb 28, 2018

Eye bolt and nut are the parts that connect the machinery and equipment closely. The inner threads and the same specifications of eye bolt and nut can be used to connect the rings together. The eye bolt and nut are generally bearing some heavy construction or heavy objects.

According to material mechanics analysis:

1. Calculate the cross-sectional area of the eye bolts ans nura by the diameter of the eye bolts and nuts;

2. According to the material of eye bolt and nut, check the mechanical engineering manual, found that the material damage allowable stress;

3. Finally, the cross-sectional area of eye bolt and nut multiplied by the allowable destruction of the material stress, the result is the maximum allowable load nut that is the maximum load-bearing.

Before using the eye bolt and nut need to understand clearly the eye bolt and nut itself to bear the weight, pay attention to the use of the rigging load, to avoid overweight conditions, bringing unnecessary safety problems.

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