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difference between ratchet load binder and lever load binder
Apr 09, 2018

Load binder, also known as the chain linker, is used to tighten the chain to ensure the stability of the object. The two kinds of common load binder have ratchet type load binder and lever type load binder

Ratcheting load binder
A ratcheting load binder, also known as a ratchet chain, employs a ratchet structure tensioning chain and secures the cargo. It consists of a ratchet handle and tension hooks at both ends. Ratchet-type load binder reduces the force on the handle due to its ratchet design, reducing the risk of the handle rebounding or retracting, and is generally regarded as a more secure load binder

Leverage load binder
Leverage load binder, also known as bar chain or card load binder, tightens the chain and ensures cargo safety. Each end of the lever type load binder also has a tension hook.Leverage load binder is usually easier to install because they have a simpler design. This tight lashing force at the handle is harder to tighten and requires more force.

Correct size
Once you have chosen the right model, it's time to size it. The size of the load binder is generally determined by the size of the chain to be used. You must first determine the chain size you are using before you purchase load binder.

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