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Aluminum sleeve
Jan 29, 2018

Aluminum sleeve, mainly used in the suppression of wire rope rigging, lifting hoisting area, originated in Europe, after the introduction of China's coastal cities and other cities in Taiwan. The originator of the aluminum sleeve is Sweden's Talurit company, the first reverse double-action extrusion method, one-time extrusion molding seamless pipe. There are still only a few companies in the world that can be produced today.

The standard of aluminum sleeve was first formulated by Europeans and has been modified for many years up to now. The latest standard is EN13411-3, that is, European standard. According to this standard, German formulates DIN3093 German standard, and the contents of the two standards are basically the same. According to the latest national standard GB / T30589-2014 formulated by China, it is consistent with European standards in all aspects except that the length of the aluminum sleeve is increased. To sum up all the standards are made clear that the aluminum sleeve must be seamless extrusion extrusion seamless pipe technology, and aluminum alloy material must use 5051A special aluminum alloy. In all markets except China, the production and sales are all seamless aluminum sleeves. The aluminum sleeves in China's domestic market are divided into two types: seamed aluminum sleeves and seamless aluminum sleeves. The seamed aluminum sleeves are made of 6063 aluminum alloy. Applications Ordinary extrusion technology, extruded welded pipe processing, the product does not meet the European standard, GB standard, poor safety performance, but the price is low, so there is a certain market; seamless aluminum production process in strict accordance with the European standard and GB requirements , The product quality is qualified, the safety performance is good, but because of the complicated technology and the high cost and cost, only some large sling manufacturers are used, such as Juli slings.

Many users use seamed aluminum sleeve itself is completely unknown, it is because the aluminum do not understand, that is a simple aluminum tube, in fact, seemingly simple aluminum case is actually very difficult. Here are some ways to help you identify the quality of aluminum sets, the distinction between seams seamless, from being cheated. Do not be lucky to have a seam, once lost regret for life!

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